Wii - Homebrew

After months err.. years of not programming any game related stuff, i finally found some time playing around with my wii. ;-)
Note that this is nothing special, i just fine tuned the stuff!! All the credits go to the original developers. But feel free to contact me at mindcry(insert_at_4tw)web.de :-P

I just compiled the source against the modified SDL library and surprisingly it compiled without a problem ;-) Sound is now supported! As well as the middle mouse button. Also the files are now HBC compatible. The only missing thing is a keyboard simulation to enter your hi-score :-(

Configuration is as follows:
A - Bomb
B - Granade
+ - Reload

The original source code can be found here:

Thanks to Michael Speck for the cool game!

I patched the libogc source code to include support for the balance board.
I just used the latest version found in the repository at www.devkitpro.org.
Thanks to the guys at devkitpro for their hard work and additionally i want to thank wiibrew.org as i borrowed part of their code to handle the balance board events.
bin_libogc.7z    src_libogc.7z

Simple Balance Board Demo
I hacked a very simple demo together to test the balance board.
bin_WiiFitDemo.zip    src_WiiFitDemo.zip

SDL-Port (incl. SDL_image and SDL_Mixer)
I started to port SDL to the Wii only to see that the guys at devkitpro already had a partially working GC version. I just played around with it here and there. Sound playback is now working!
I also got SDL_Image and SDL_Mixer to work.

I just used the latest version found in the repository at www.devkitpro.org.
bin_SDL-Port.7z    src_SDL-Port.7z